Weighing Filling Packaging

Smoked turkey, luxury chocolate, delicate berries, beef poulet, juicy mozzarella…
In plastic bags, cardboard boxes, tins, trays, gift boxes, bowls…
Macs Food Handling Solutions ensures your product is accurately filled in your packaging.


Our years of experience and high quality weighers combined with our motto “There is always a solution” allows us to offer you, our customer, a total solution.

Weighing and portioning food products precisely, with various weights in different packaging? Thanks to the flexibility within the programming, the weighers are widely applicable. To maintain your weigher, we make sure it is easily accessible via a platform with stairs. The addition of a wash wall can also improve your packaging speed and daily maintenance.


Filling systems are the speciality of Macs Food Handling Solutions.

A well functioning dosing and filling system is crucial for an efficiently running packaging line. Our experience with difficult to dose food products is diverse and we see it as a challenge we gladly accept!

We understand that an accurate dosing system results in instant results. We help you convert your packaging line from manual to automated. After automation, you will benefit from

  • lower product loss,
  • ability to increase production,
  • higher packaging speed saves time,
  • fewer operators and therefore lower labour costs,
  • ergonomic and safe for your operators.

A filling system is one component of the packaging process. Integration of all components into one efficient packaging line is a must. Macs has all the disciplines you need for this, from engineering to commissioning at your site.


Setting up a packaging line is a project that Macs Food Handling Solutions, from bringing needs and wishes together to commissioning, can take care of completely for you. Naturally, we offer your technical department the opportunity to become familiar with the packaging line during factory acceptance and commissioning on site.

Our specialists and technical engineers are happy to think along with you about

  • solutions for your food product,
  • easy switching between packaging, volume and products,
  • speed and capacity,
  • meticulous and precise,
  • safety and quality,
  • maximum hygiene and
  • quick and easy disassembly.

Thanks to many years of experience, personal contact with customers, close cooperation with suppliers and the use of high quality materials, we are able to supply high quality packaging lines.

Want to meet our enthusiastic team? Looking for an apprenticeship? Or exchange ideas about possibilities? Please feel free to contact us.